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Tribute to Mrs. Gump

Here’s what I know about Mrs. Gump:  (1) she lived in Cedar Falls a looooong time ago when my grandma worked as a switchboard operator at the University of Northern Iowa; (2) she was known for her chocolate cake. I was … Continue reading

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Observations From 29 Years of Life in Iowa

So, there’s this article — The article was written by a University of Iowa professor. I’ve read one of his books and really enjoyed it. I have different feelings about this article. These feelings prompted this brief response…or rebuttal. … Continue reading

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An A+ Kind of Day

Tuesdays are funny little creatures. They can start out being not so great and end up quite lovely. Today was one of those Tuesdays. When I looked out my window this morning, I noticed the tarp covering my patio furniture … Continue reading

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Let’s Dip Everything in Chocolate and Call It Candy!

Good philosophy, no? My good friend Baking Spoon and I began our holiday chocolatefest on Monday. (I may have licked the chocolate off my friend several times.) Note the shocked expressions on both our faces and the blob of chocolate on … Continue reading

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My Holiday Shopping:

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Smelly Cars and Christmas Trees

It’s been a rough week for my poor Hyundai. And it’s all my fault. It all started when my friend Tami gave me a new Brussels sprouts recipe. I had to go to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients. Duh. I … Continue reading

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