Let’s Dip Everything in Chocolate and Call It Candy!

Good philosophy, no?

My good friend Baking Spoon and I began our holiday chocolatefest on Monday. (I may have licked the chocolate off my friend several times.) Note the shocked expressions on both our faces and the blob of chocolate on my face.

Everything I know about making Christmas candy and cookies I learned from my mom and grandma.

Lesson #1:  Always triple the batch. Or quadruple. You never know when you’ll have 50-60 hungry people drop in over the holidays.

Lesson #2:  Everything tastes better covered in chocolate bark. Or almond bark. Pretzels, cherries, cookies, crackers, socks…

My momma didn’t raise no dummy! I learned my Christmas baking lessons well. This explained why I turned THREE GALLONS of maraschino cherries into homemade chocolate-covered cherries. It’s just what you do. It’s Christmas.

I enjoyed covering and dipping each little cherry.

So did Baking Spoon.

We may become professional candy makers. However, we’ll need more cherries. At the moment, we’re all out.

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One Response to Let’s Dip Everything in Chocolate and Call It Candy!

  1. Meredith says:

    My momma is very fond of telling me that “your momma didn’t raise no dummies”. Also, dipping things in chocolate is ALWAYS an improvement. I think you need to try chocolate-covered brussels sprouts.

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