My Christmas Present

I admit it. I’m a little obsessed with The Splendid Table podcast. It’s the show for people who love to eat. And I do love to eat. And Lynn Rosetto Kasper’s voice is so lovely — in a perfect world, she’d read me a bedtime story every night. I even like to pronounce words in Lynn Rosetto Kasper’s Italian accent — prosciutto, mascarpone, ect.

So, in my quest to make Lynn Rosetto Kasper proud of me, I decided I needed a bit of cast iron in my life.

My dad totally came through on this. He found three beautiful cast iron skillets and seasoned them for me.

And tonight, my large cast iron skillet had her maiden voyage.


The cast iron butternut squash was delicious. And, I did a little cast iron skillet research and discovered some of the iron from the skillet cooks into the food — this means my iron levels could be at an all-time high! How cool is that?!

My biceps will also benefit. This skillet is heavy.

And my refrigerator says “Beware Los Vamositos.” In Scrabble tile magnets. (Don’t be concerned — I don’t really have dangerous vamositos in my fridge.)

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One Response to My Christmas Present

  1. Meredith says:

    I would never be concerned about anyone lucky enough to have Scrabble tile magnets.

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