Hello, 2013

Oh, the new year. It’s here again.

I totally dig New Year’s Day. It’s a time for keeping the stuff you like and getting rid of the stuff you don’t like any more. It’s a time to pat yourself on the back for all the cool stuff you did over the past year and anticipate all the cooler stuff you’re going to do this year.

I was a little anxious about the whole 2013 thing. Thirteen is the unlucky number of the number world, and I think we could all use a little luck during the coming year.

My grandma just turned 94, and I think she’s becoming psychic in her old age. Seriously — I spoke with her on the phone a few days before her 94th birthday and (1) she said I sounded sick (I felt fine); and (2) she said I probably wouldn’t get to celebrate her birthday because the roads would be bad. The night before her birthday, I came down with some sort of evil fever/cold…and there was a HUGE blizzard that pretty much shut down the state for a day. Hence, my grandma is psychic. She’s also oddly superstitious. She never puts 13 cookies or rolls on a baking sheet, and she’s a firm believer that black cats are good luck.

So, I asked Grandma what her thoughts were on 2013. She said it’ll be a good year.

I agree.

Here’s to another year of celebrating the little bits of joy that happen every day.

Here’s to celebrating the fact that I successfully trapped a mouse in my garage (ok, that’s kind of celebratory and morbid…but we’ll go with a glass-half-full approach) and am starting 2013 with a mouse-free garage!

Here’s to celebrating the fact that a Cheetos bag managed to wedge itself in my car’s license plate and remain wedged for over 100 miles! Instant car decoration! (unfortunately, it un-wedged before I got a picture)

Here’s to eating a lot of squash when life (or your dad) gives you a lot of squash and hoping you don’t turn too orange!

Here’s to getting rid of the 25-year-old couch in my living room and replacing it with something that doesn’t remind me of my battle with mono (although I was extremely grateful for that couch when I had mono).

Here’s to living life with unaccustomed zeal, learning new things every day, and sharing all the kind words that gather in my head.

I shall tackle 2013 like a Ninjabread Man. Hiiii-YAH!*


*I do not plan to ninja kick any penguins in 2013. Unless my foot gets smooshed in a cupcake.

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4 Responses to Hello, 2013

  1. Meredith says:

    Hooray for the return of the blog! I am glad 2013 will be free of ninja-kicking penguins (I realize that can be read 2 ways; I mean both of them). Not free of ninja kicks, though!

  2. Stacey says:

    Haha…many things that could be filed under “smooshed” in this blog entry. So sad you lost the Cheetos decor 😦

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