An A+ Kind of Day

Tuesdays are funny little creatures. They can start out being not so great and end up quite lovely.

Today was one of those Tuesdays.

When I looked out my window this morning, I noticed the tarp covering my patio furniture had blown off the furniture and was plastered against the back fence. I did a big of tarp-taming, and re-bungee-corded the silly thing back on the table. (All in my pajamas.)

When I came inside, I decided to water my Christmas tree. I got my trusty watering can and poured the water on the floor BY the tree stand. The water formed a little river across my dining room floor and started running into a heat vent. It made a funny drippy noise.

I eventually made it to work and noticed TWO small holes in my sweater. I’m classy like that.

But wait…my Tuesday started to take a fabulous little turn at this point!

Home Depot called to tell me someone will come to my house on Friday to take measurements for my new back door! (Who doesn’t want a new back door for Christmas?!)

The jeweler called to tell me she finished altering the ring and bracelet I recently inherited from my grandma! I can pick them up tomorrow!

And, finally, John surprised me with a mid-afternoon pizza delivery. But, it wasn’t your ordinary pizza delivery. It was a butternut squash pizza AND the pizza’s name was Hello Gourdgeous. “Hello, gorgeous” is Barbra Streisand’s famous line from Funny Girl. And Babs just happens to be my homegirl. I’m not sure why. She just is — her singing and acting make me extraordinarily happy.

So, John managed to surprise me with delicious Barbra Streisand-esque food. It was like manna from Babs conveniently delivered by John. And that is an A+ Tuesday.

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