The Many Faces of Laura

I like to think of myself as a versatile person. I go beyond “At Work Laura” and “Weekend Laura (watch out — she doesn’t always shower!).”

On Halloween, I discovered my inner Garden Gnome Laura. I hung out with my fellow lawn ornament, Flamingo John. Together, we were Gnomingos.

I gnome what you’re probably asking — “how did John make such an impressive flamingo costume?” The answer — two hula hoops, a pink tablecloth, pink fleece, a sock, a plastic googly eye, and a few random items I forgot.

I also discovered my inner dinosaur today. Turns out, Laura is a dinosaur on Dinosaur Train! And, after “researching” my new favorite dino for about 2 minutes, I’ve discovered we have a lot in common.

Laura the Giganotosaurus is the largest dino on the Dinosaur Train, she’s a carnivore, and she has great eyesight.

If you overlook the fact that I’m one of the smallest humans on the “Human Train,” I’m a vegetable enthusiast, and I’m practically blind without corrective lenses — we could be dino/human twinsies!

Isn’t she cute?!


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One Response to The Many Faces of Laura

  1. Meredith says:

    I LOVE Dinosaur Laura! Gigantosaurus!!! Super fun!

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