My Orange Bowl

Most people probably think Orange Bowls involve football. Most people have not seen my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in the fall.

They’re mostly in bowls. And they’re mostly orange.

There was a short period of time when I was honestly concerned about turning orange. Now, I think it would be kind of fun. Turning orange would be kind of like the ultimate self-tanner.

And, judging by the massive quantity of squash and pumpkin I’ve been eating lately, I should have a nice “tan” by Thanksgiving. How festive!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite orange foods:

1. Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin.  It’s fabulous. Trust me — I’ve tried the other brands. Trader Joe’s is the perfect consistency of canned pumpkin. Lately, I’ve been eating at least a can a day. I put it in my morning oatmeal, eat it straight out of the can with cinnamon, or mix it with some Trader Joe’s sunflower butter or plain yogurt. Your co-workers may laugh at you for eating pumpkin straight from the can. This is ok. They’re probably just jealous.

2. Buttercup Squash. No, I didn’t write butternut squash — I wrote buttercup. My parents bought me a buttercup squash a couple months ago, and I’ve become completely obsessed. My grandma used to make squash when I was little, and THIS was the kind of squash she made. I just thought it was some sort of magic grandma-squash — hence, it’s been kind of a dream come true to realize buttercup squash is available at my local grocery store.

The only downside to the buttercup squash is that each squash is quite large. And, after I roast a squash, I need to eat the entire thing. This little habit could lead to an orange Laura. (It also causes my mother to say “Laura! You didn’t eat the whole thing, did you?! You’re going to turn orange!)

3. Pumpkin Greek Yogurt — another Trader Joe’s gem. I need to stock up this week. Last week, my yogurt-purchasing plan was foiled when the lady in front of me put the entire pumpkin yogurt supply in her cart. This week I’m stockin’ up. Beware.

4. Pumpkin butter. The name says it all. Pure deliciousness. I finished my last jar with a spoon.

5. Pumpkin hummus. I believe Whole Foods is the only place that sells pumpkin hummus (the package says “pumpkin hommus,” but that spelling kind of weirds me out — unless you want it to rhyme with Thomas).  This stuff is most definitely the best hummus (or hommus) I’ve ever eaten. With enough pumpkin hummus, even a smelly gym sock would probably taste fabulous.

Seriously — try these foods. You won’t be disappointed. You may be orange — but definitely not disappointed.

And, if you see me wondering around, please compliment my fall “tan.”

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2 Responses to My Orange Bowl

  1. Angela says:

    OK, ignore my comment on the previous post. I hadn’t read far enough yet. I shall make a special trip to Whole Foods way the heck over in Silver Spring just for the pumpkin “hommus.” Do you put anything else with your pumpkin in your oatmeal? Cinnamon, sugar, etc?

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