The Sweet Smell of Sprouts

Ah, the Brussels sprout. A thing of beauty.

I like to think of myself as a Brussels sprout evangelist. My standard advice for almost anything is “eat more Brussels sprouts.” And I practice what I preach — I can eat my way through a Costco two-pound bag of sprouts like nobody’s business.

Because I enjoy the little veggies so much, I tend to forget they do have a somewhat…unique odor.

I was reminded of this on Tuesday. My co-workers and I decided to throw our bosses a little surprise potluck for Boss’s Day. I brought Brussels sprouts. I cooked ’em with a little Dijon mustard, butter, salt, and pepper and let them mellow in a slow cooker for 4-5 hours.

The only problem is, the slow cooker was on the floor of my office from about 9-noon. This really let the sprout odor permeate my office. Finally, a co-worker (who happens to be very anti-sprout) drew a picture of a half-moon, taped the paper to my office door, shut the door, and declared my office smelled like an outhouse.

Meanwhile, I was peacefully drinking my morning coffee in my travel mug — until I spotted something green in the lid of my mug. The mug gets a bit questionable from time to time because milk tends to congeal in the lid. However, I’d never seen green milk. I was convinced I was probably going to die. When I investigated the situation further, I realized a Brussels sprout leaf had somehow wedged its way into my travel mug lid. Slightly weird and slightly gross — but unlikely to result in insta-death. Crisis averted.

So, I leave you with various lessons I learned this week:

– Brussels sprouts can be rather odoriferous when trapped in a slow cooker in a small office. (isn’t odoriferous a fun word?!)

– Some co-workers really don’t like this smell. (The guy who hauls away our shredded papers definitely didn’t like the smell of my office — his face was kind of hilarious. As was his sprint away from my office.)

– A car will smell like Brussels if the slow cooker full of sprouts was transported in a car after the sprouts had been cooking for about an hour. (Thank goodness it was a nice day — the car did air out after about an hour with the windows down.)

– I’m currently convinced that the large amount of Brussels sprouts I consume has left me with a permanent cabbage BO. This hasn’t caused me to decrease the amount of Brussels sprouts I consume — but I am in the market for a deodorant that goes well with cabbage (dill? balsamic vinaigrette?). I’m open to suggestions.


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One Response to The Sweet Smell of Sprouts

  1. Meredith says:

    I know there’s a segment of the population that finds the smell of skunk really appealing. Not sure why I’m sharing this, I just am. (Also, I’d only heard “odiferous” never “odoriferous” but both are correct! That’s my something new I learned today.)

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