I can be a bit stubborn.

I like to think this is a good trait. It’s what helped me dig up a metal clothesline and hacksaw it in half so it would fit in my trash container.

It’s also what prevents me from turning on my heat.

This is exceptionally unfortunate because I’m also the coldest person ever. [my blood doesn’t really go to my extremities, and I’m forced to deal with stubby purple fingers and toes during the winter]

Oh, and I’m kind of cheap. And I like to be eco-friendly. Heat seems eco-enemy.

Stubbornness, cheapness, and cold-blooded-ness do not mix well.

PLUS — to complicate matters even more — I have a watermelon from my garden in my fridge! (my yard did not get the memo that it’s pumpkin season!)

Let’s put all this together and take a look at my current situation.

My house is currently 60 degrees. I ate almost half a watermelon tonight. This caused my insides to become exceedingly cold.

I was able to bring some warmth to my soul with a pound of Brussels sprouts.

I probably need to pack up my remaining watermelon and move to California. Or build a fire pit in my house.

Or….I could listen to my mom and turn on my heat.

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One Response to Octo-brrrrrrrrrrr!

  1. Meredith says:

    That cracks me up. It was warm in Dallas. 🙂

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