I’ve Got Worms!

*Meredith — this is your official warning — you may not want to read this post. Proceed with caution.

Meredith, my roommate, doesn’t really care for worms. She’s more of a dog person. I told her she never has to look at, care for, or deal with my worm population. (Hence, the warning. I’m nice like that.)

And it’s all courtesy of Urban Worm Girl. And John.

My worm buddies were my 30th birthday gift. Because, really, what girl wouldn’t want red wiggler worms for her 30th?

There they are! If you look really closely you can see my little worm friends waving at the camera. They’re such hams…er, worms.

I named them all. All of the worms are named Mumford Sophet — except two. The worm located farthest west is named after a co-worker who works in Council Bluffs. Council Bluffs is west of Des Moines, so it makes sense. One other worm is named Chad Jasmin. This is the name of a friend’s boyfriend — I just like the name. I’ve never met the person.

I’m extremely proud of my name selection. Mumford Sophet is really fun to say. Repeat it a few times…..Mumford Sophet….Mumford Sophet….Mumford Sophet. See? Wasn’t that fun?

The Mumford Sophets are responsible for eating my compost. They are supposed to be excellent at this.

So far, the Mumford Sophets don’t appear to be eating that much. Or, perhaps I was expecting their appetites  to be human-sized.

I’m trying to be a good worm mom to the Mumford Sophets. I talk to them and sing to them. And I worry about them.

I worry I’m feeding them too much. I worry I’m not feeding them enough. I worry the Mumford Sophets don’t have enough bedding and aren’t comfy. I want them to be comfy.

I also worry that too much of the Mumford Sophets’ diet consists of coffee grounds. I love my coffee…and the Mumford Sophets are eating my compost. Hence, my compost is extremely caffeinated.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.

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2 Responses to I’ve Got Worms!

  1. You did it! Heehee 🙂 I’ll have to tell Chad you named some…thing after him. Hopefully he’ll be honored you like his name that much and not offended that it was a worm. 😉 Maybe all the coffee grounds you’re feeding them will cause them to eat your compost extra-fast. Enjoy mothering your hyperactive worms! 😉

  2. Meredith says:

    I considered and still read the post. I did not look closely at the picture. Thank you for the warning so I knew what to expect at least….worms.

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