Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 5)

Alas, John, Ron (the Prius), and I did not stay in Oregon. We traveled on!

Redwood Forests!

Wow. The rumors are true. The trees are big. And the tree-naming is LAME.

This tree is named Big Tree. Really? Big Tree? Clearly, the national park system has very little imagination.

I would have named the tree something WAY more exciting — something like Ginormous or Jumborific, or maybe Ted. Anything would be more exciting than Big.

I guess I should be thankful my parents didn’t name me Short.

The forests have more than just big trees — they also have big banana slugs! (and a lot of 3-leaf clovers — we tried SO HARD to find a 4-leafer, but it just wasn’t in the cards)

Look! A little size comparison — a banana slug next to John’s foot. They were practically the same size! The banana slugs are probably a photographer’s dream — no worries about fast movement and blurry photos. (and they look like bananas! how fun!)

After we left the redwood forest, we found some gulf stream waters.

No, not really. This is the Pacific Ocean — I stopped to dip my toes. (if this was a full picture, you’d see I was wearing a brown plaid jacket with the madras plaid shorts — a somewhat complicated fashion statement, but I think I pulled it off well)

San Francisco!

I can now say I traveled the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful. I also developed a new respect for anyone who walks, bikes, or jogs in San Fran. You need rock climbing gear just to walk down the block! And I thought Midwesterners were tough…alas, we’re not tough in the hill department. Not at all.

Not only do San Franciscans know how to climb hills — they know how to cook. We ate a lot of great food on our adventure, but Cafe Gratitute really took the [vegan cheese] cake. Really.

This was my vegan peach cheesecake — I have no idea what was in it, but it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. Also, the plate asked me what I was grateful for:) I love plates that ask good questions.

The menu at Cafe Gratitute is rather unique, since dishes aren’t labeled “vegetable soup” and “spring salad” — instead, the dishes are labeled “I Am Terrific” and “I Am Loved.” This makes ordering that much more enjoyable (although, I believe the restaurant was out of “I Am Warm-Hearted” when we tried to order it — we discovered this after we ordered it, so I think it may have had a reverse-affirmation effect).

Moral of the story — I’d drive back to San Fransisco just to eat at this place. The sauces are so good, you want to lick your plate. And, after you lick the plate clean, you realize you were very grateful for the delicious meal. You can tell this to your plate — it will be glad you answered the question.

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