Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 3)

My goodness. It’s officially taken me longer to blog about my two-week vacation than it did to take my two-week vacation.

My only excuse for not summing up this trip is that I’ve been very busy picking and eating kale. It’s amazing. It’s like my backyard is giving me a little green gift almost every day! And, the best news is — I’ve discovered kale likes being a fall veggie, too! This means I can attempt a second planting of kale!

The world of gardening never ceases to amaze me. Truly.

Anyway — let’s travel!

Craters of the Moon, Idaho! (our fourth stop!)

Who would have thought south central Idaho would be covered in lava?! Not me.

But — then I traveled to Craters of the Moon National Monument. And I learned stuff. One thing I learned was that it’s more fun to refer to the park as Craters of the Lost Moon. Made me feel a little like Indiana Jones.

I also learned about two types of lava — aa (pronounced ah-ah) and pahoehoe (pa-ho-ee-ho-ee). Since learning this, I try to work both types of lava into daily conversations. It’s not that hard.

And, the final stop at Craters of the (Lost) Moon was a little romp through some lava caves! (it was wild — I have proof)

Potatoes! (our fifth stop!)

I love potatoes. Almost as much as I love Brussels sprouts. And, when in Idaho, one must eat potatoes.

One must also hug a potato.

As a proud Iowan, I’ve been slightly crushed when individuals say, “Iowa! The potato state!” I asked a lovely waitress in Idaho if she’d experienced the reverse — “Idaho! The corn state!” She humored me and said she had experienced this. This little moment of bonding made the Idaho smashed potatoes I ordered taste even better!

Some people have bucket lists that include skydiving and swimming the English Channel. Me? I just wanted to eat ‘taters in Idaho.

And I did.

Mission accomplished — with a sprig of parsley!



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3 Responses to Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 3)

  1. Meredith says:

    Awww….hooray for potatoes! Our potato head collection is happy you sought out their roots.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Crater lake looks incredible! However, don’t you mean western Oregon?

    • bloglette says:

      Yes. Yes, I do. I’m kind of an idiot. My mom called to point out my poor map/directional skills. She’s supportive like that.
      I think I’ll change that now.

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