Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 2)

The epic trip of John, Laura, and Ron (the Prius) continues! We didn’t stop at Yellowstone — we traveled westward, in a sort of Lewis-and-Clark-with-a-Prius way.  (And I stopped eating kale long enough to type this. The amount of kale and tomatoes at my house is astounding. As is the amount of kale and tomatoes in my stomach.)

These vacation photos would be so much cooler as slides. You can pretend they’re slides if you scroll down at a steady pace and blink between each picture. Go ahead. Try it.

Grand Tetons! (stop 3!)

It’s all pretty! And mountainy! With tall trees! And water!

Almost every outdoorsy vacation location has a waterfall. Humans just look better in front of waterfalls. Agree?

We hiked. And met a furry little friend who was totally hip to a photo shoot.

View from our furry friend’s habitat:

And the view from a rock.

Rock-sitting is a good vacation activity. Especially when you’ve got a buddy who wants to share that rock with you.

That truly rocks.

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2 Responses to Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 2)

  1. Angela says:

    Great pictures and posts! I’m really enjoying reading about your adventure!

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