Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 1)

I’ve been a bit of a U.S. traveler recently. And, when I returned home I had approximately 76 ripe tomatoes and a million kale leaves that needed to be eaten as soon as possible. This means I’ve been a busy girl.

If kale and tomato consumption was an Olympic sport, I’d take the gold.

My contiguous U.S. travels were in honor of my 30th birthday. John, Ron (John’s Prius with the awesome license plate “RDN”), and I headed west. We didn’t have any reservations or specific plans, but we had plenty of car snacks and podcasts — and it was a brilliantly wonderful trip.

I like to think I’m MUCH wiser and more talented at 30 than I was at 20. These trip highlights totally showcase my 30-year-old wisdom.

Boulder! (Our first stop!)

We left Des Moines and headed toward Boulder — and ran over this somewhere in Nebraska:

But, alas, our trip was not screwed. John plugged the tire, and Ron Prius drove a million miles down the road. We could definitely be roadside mechanics (ok, I could be a roadside cheerleader…my mechanical skills are limited).

Ron Prius drove on with the following things proudly displayed on his dashboard:

Who wouldn’t want to travel with fake poo and two unripe green zebra tomatoes? They were the perfect car mascots.

This was our home for two weeks. It belongs to my co-worker, but we adopted it for a couple weeks. We added an air mattress to the abode, and it was almost Hilton-esque.

I celebrated my actual birthday (7-11!) by eating amazing cupcakes and climbing a mountain. Pretty much the perfect combination.

Yellowstone! (Our second stop!)

We obeyed the park rules and neither fed nor molested any animals. The animals were appreciative.

I didn’t approach any bison. I think they thought I was anti-social, but I was really just obeying the sign.

We hiked to the Natural Bridge, although it was difficult to find with so few signs.

I found a short little tree that needed a hug.

I saw buffalo roaming, but I failed to spot the deer and antelope playing. Therefore, despite its beauty, Yellowstone just didn’t feel like home…on the range.


The pictures really capture that “Old Faithful” moment. (And that last picture screams “holiday card.”)

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2 Responses to Many Miles, Many Smiles! (part 1)

  1. Carolyn says:

    To say I LOVE these pictures would be an understatement! Glad your trip wasn’t “screwed”! Hugging the small tree is great…the home on the range reference is perfect and I’ll be waiting for my holiday card with that photo in the mail! I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the road trip post and am looking forward to the subsequent editions!

  2. Meredith says:

    Yay for the return of Bloglette! It’s been missed. 🙂

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