Cancun = Muy Bien!

The rumors are true. I was hiding out in Mexico last week. And, by “hiding out,” I mean “vacationing with friends.”

The trip was wonderful because my friends are wonderful. All the warm, fuzzy friendship stuff that formed 10ish years ago (!!) was still there in all its warm, fuzzy glory. We talked, we laughed, we drank, and we slathered on the sunscreen.

Highlights of the trip included:

– Seeing this shirt in the Houston airport (who doesn’t enjoy a 7-hour layover?). The camo made the shirt difficult to spot, but I managed to see it.

– Realizing there was an ashtray in our room at the resort — and then realizing we shouldn’t smoke in bed. (Don’t worry — we didn’t. We were well aware of the fact that only we could prevent bed fires.)

– Sporting a rockin’ pink beach hat the ENTIRE vacation. Fortunately, the hat protected my pale skin. Unfortunately, the aqua aerobics instructor referred to me as “the lady with the pink umbrella.”

– Locating a comfort iguana. Please ignore my pained expression — the iguana was comforting.

– Laughing HYSTERICALLY at various translations at the resort’s buffet. The pictures are blurry because I felt a little awkward taking pictures at a buffet — but, seriously, cream of corncob soup?! That’s worth a picture.  My favorite buffet translation was an egg dish with a red and green sauce labeled “Divorced Eggs.” I started bringing my camera to the buffet after I spotted those poor eggs.

– Doubling over in laughter at this breakfast dish:  “Sausage I Have Breakfast.” It’s more than a breakfast item — it’s a statement.

– Taking a picture of this picture. A parrot tamer/parrot whisperer traveled around the resort with his feathered friends. When vacationers held the parrot, a photographer captured the moment. The photos were on display at the resort gift shop. I have no idea who this kid is, but his picture made my day.

I look forward to many more vacations with my lovely UNI ladies — hopefully at other locations with mis-translated food items. (Seriously. I’m still laughing at the breakfast sausage.)

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One Response to Cancun = Muy Bien!

  1. Meredith says:

    Wearing camo in Mexico while vacationing in friends totally equals hiding out. In lieu of camo, a giant pink hat works, too.

    Also, that kid is hilarious. I think it sort of looks like the parrot died and the kid’s pissed off about it.

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