Father’s Day With My Father

I drove to my parents’ house on Sunday for a little Father’s Day dinner.

When I arrived at their house, I saw this:

Some fathers welcome their children into their homes with open arms. Mine tapes an anti-kid bumper sticker to the door.

Dad let me in the house when he saw I had presents for him. Despite his (unsuccessful) efforts to keep me out of his house, I can’t deny the fact that my dad is a fun guy (you know, like a mushroom…fungi).

I think my unique fashion sense may be genetic.

I sang “Happy Father’s Day” (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”… it’s a very versatile tune) to my dad approximately 18 times. I gave him a birthday card that I “fixed” by crossing out birthday and writing Father’s Day (hey, anyone can buy a card — I like to take the time to add a personal touch).

I also gave my dad a celebratory Father’s Day hug.

Don’t let his half-smile fool you — my dad totally digs Father’s Day hugs.

Although he may not admit it, I think my dad was glad his efforts to child proof his home failed.

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