Recent Lessons

I like to think every day has something exciting to offer.

I (almost) always start my day with oats and coffee, so this guarantees excitement (almost) every day. Seriously — you can’t go wrong with oats and coffee.

I also like to think I learn something new every day. As a public service, I’ll share some of the new valuable information that has entered my little brain.

I went to a bachelorette party last weekend in Chicago. I ate delicious cheeses and drank delicious wines. I learned the best cheeses came from goats and the best wines came from Oregon/Washington.

The little party group also went to a water park. I learned it is VERY important to put sunscreen IN your belly button. I’ll have fun explaining my little mistake to a dermatologist someday.

Before we left the water park, we rode a double-decker carousel. I learned that carousel horsies can be a bit wild. (Whoa, Nelly!)

I learned one of the finest joys in life is eating raspberries off the vines in my backyard. The berries weren’t washed. And I ate ’em while sitting in the dirt in my work clothes. I may have gotten a teeny hole in my shirt when a thorny vine attacked from above, but it was totally worth it. It was sweet and juicy and earthy — just like life should be.

I learned that sometimes the stuff you need just turns up. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it turns up in the shape of a heart. Because sometimes you need a little love from random household objects.

I learned how to brew kombucha tea last week. I needed a rubber band to secure the cloth covering my tea, but I couldn’t actually find a rubber band. I used one of Meredith’s hair ties as a substitute.

A couple days later, my world was filled with rubber bands! I found two in my work bag and one on the step outside my house — how great is that?! One of the rubber bands from my work bag even formed a little heart for me. I didn’t make the heart — it was good rubber band karma.

Finally, I learned kombucha mothers are not as cool as human mothers. I grew a kombucha mother this week, and I really like her. However, I have to admit my human mother is smarter and more interesting. My human mother questioned the safety of the food made by (from?) my kombucha mother, but I drank the tea and didn’t die!

Tea fermentation = success!

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