Like a Barrel of Monkeys…

without the monkeys.


My dad knows how to operate tools. I haven’t quite mastered this skill. So, I asked him to help in my very nicest daughter voice. He obliged.

It will “catch” some of the water off my garage roof, and I can use that water to water plants!

The only downside is I kept mistaking it for a person standing in my yard. It surprised me a few times while I was mowing. I realized it wasn’t another person after I introduced myself and didn’t get a response. Awkward.

Rain Barrels Iowa gets recycled barrels and converts them to water barrels. In its first life, my rain barrel was filled with brine of some sort. I think the writing gives it character. The guy at Rain Barrels Iowa said most customers don’t want the barrels with writing, so I adopted one with writing.

It’s like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of water barrels.

I spent most of the weekend tending to my poor, overgrown yard. I gave it a trim. It’s a little less overgrown now. In an effort to avoid sunburn, I wore long sleeves, jeans, and a straw hat all day. However, I neglected to put sunscreen on my hands. They are currently sunburned, scratched, and perpetually dirty. They look about 80 years old. I like to think they have character, too.

Most Iowans can’t photograph all their beans and corn in one picture. I can (almost).

In addition to mini beans and mini corns, my yard also has flowers.

I’m currently involved in a bunny/squinty battle. Either bunnies or my neighbors are eating my lettuce. A suspicious-looking squinty keeps running under my house when I open the front door. I blame the squinty on the lack of plants in one pot.


I’ve reinforced my fence in an attempt to keep the bunnies out. A quick Google search told me to use various “gopher bombs” to get rid of the squinty. As the squinty likely lives under my house, I think this is a very bad idea.

I posted an eviction notice by its little hole. I hope the little squinty is literate.


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2 Responses to Like a Barrel of Monkeys…

  1. Angie says:

    I love your rain barrel! That is such a good idea! You should think about trapping and relocating your ground squirrel/chipmunk. That’s what my family does, and probably they have a better life on the other side of the river.

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