Dirt for Dessert — or Dinner

I love my little veggie gardens. I like planting them and weeding them and watering them.

I feel very close to my baby plants.

When my plants look wilty, I feel wilty. Don’t even get me started on how bad I felt when ALL my tomato plants got blight. It wasn’t pretty — for me or the ‘maters.

Obviously, the best part of a veggie garden is eating the veggies. Veggies are delicious — and they’re at least quadruple-y delish if you grew them from little baby veggies.

At the moment, the only edible things in my garden are lettuce and arugula. Still — this is super exciting!!!

So exciting that I kind of forget to wash my lettuce. I kind of wash it. And I put it through the spin cycle of Meredith’s trusty salad spinner.

However, this process does not wash all the dirt off the lettuce. It probably doesn’t even get all the little bugs off.

I ate my lettuce, arugula, carrot, and cucumber salad. And, when I got to the bottom of the salad bowl, I realized the bottom of the bowl was coated with a thin layer of dirt.

Most people would stop eating at this point. A few might re-wash the veggies and resume eating.

I did neither of these things. I just picked off the really big dirt clumps and ate every. last. bite. (And enjoyed it.)

A couple weeks ago, some friends were talking about letting their future children experience the beauty of nature and eat that occasional chunk of dirt.

I think I fully support that parenting style.

And I hope the dirt in my yard has plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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One Response to Dirt for Dessert — or Dinner

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m sure dirt is good for the immune system. Hey, maybe it helps with sunburns! How perfect would that be?

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