An Evening of Culture

I know some great people. Some of those great people have season tickets to the Civic Center. AND, when those great people aren’t using their tickets, sometimes I get them!


This is how John and I wound up at the symphony last weekend. Just before we left for the symphony, we realized we didn’t have much culture. We’re not that good at being fancy people.

We eat asparagus over the stove. Without silverware. (It iseconomical — no dishes!)

I like to call this Asparagus Gothic.

Fun? Yes! Cultured? No.

Luckily, we were allowed into the Civic Center to see the symphony perform. We may eat sans silverware, but we appreciate excellent music! The symphony was wonderful! Simply wonderful!

And – I think some culture rubbed off on us. The symphony was a good influence.

Pinkies up!

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2 Responses to An Evening of Culture

  1. Aunt Patricia says:

    Asparagus Gothic is one of my favorite photos ever! It should be a series. Thank you!

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