A Berry and Birthday Weekend!

I have a lot of excitement in my life.

First, there’s mowing. Mowing screams excitement. There are sticks…rocks…the excitement is really never-ending.

Then, there’s weeding. Weeding is synonymous with excitement. There are tall weeds…thorny weeds…weeds with impossibly long roots that refuse to be up-rooted.

One might say, “Laura — with excitement like that, how do you even contain yourself when other exciting events rear their excitable little heads?”

Oh, it’s hard.

But I manage.

This weekend was extra exciting. For three reasons.

Reason #1:  Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo! An entire holiday dedicated to guacamole and margaritas! (I think there’s really more to it than that….but I selectively observe the holiday.)

I celebrated by pathetically attempting to speak as much Spanish as possible. And, since I only know about 25 Spanish words, this was probably mucho annoying for everyone who interacted with me.

I also celebrated with guacamole. And dos margaritas.


Reason #2:  Berries!

They started as seeds. And they became strawberries! (I told John to act like a plant parent, so he lovingly cradled the berries.)

Alas, the berries looked cuter than they tasted. I have high hopes for future berries.

Reason #3:  Meredith’s 30th Birthday!

I like to pretend I’m 30 to fool others into thinking I’m wiser than I really am. (Note:  I’ve fooledno one. Dang.) Meredith really is 30!

We celebrated.

The birthday girl requested ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I went to DQ to order the cake. I very clearly told the employee that I wanted the following words on the cake:  “Yay! Meredith is 30!” (I even specified the exclamation points. Punctuation is important.)

I got this:

“Yea!!! Meridith is 30”

So, Meredith didn’t actually get a 30th birthday cake with her name on it. Neither did Meridith. Because I took hers.

Note the pink flamingo in the background. It was a party decoration. And it’s still hangin’ in the dining room.

Meredith now owns Scrabble refrigerator magnets. Stay tuned for refrigerator fun.

Happy post-birthday wishes to Meredith (or Meridith)! I hope you wished for Brussels sprouts for your roommate. Or a competent DQ employee.

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One Response to A Berry and Birthday Weekend!

  1. Meredith says:

    Aww, yay! What an exciting weekend! I know Meredith had a good time…not so sure about Meridith, but hey, she seems like she’d be a fun girl so I’m sure she did, too.

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