May Day, Revisited

I got a May basket on May Day! Look!

It’s pretty much all my favorite things — in a basket. (The basket totally dresses it up and makes it more like a present than a really exciting trip to the grocery store.)

AND — the best part about the May Day basket was that it magically appeared in my refrigerator. So, after a long day at work, I was greeted with asparagus, kombucha, blueberries, two avocados, and toothpaste.

Yes, toothpaste.

In addition to the wonderful food and drink items, my own toothpaste was re-gifted to me on May Day.

My May Day gift elf and I use the same kind of toothpaste. Said gift elf managed to swap my almost-full tube of toothpaste for his almost-empty tube of toothpaste.

Sometimes gift elves can be sneaky like that.

The good news is, my almost-full tube of toothpaste was returned.

The better news is, I got delightful foodstuffs in a basket! And few things make me happier than asparagus in a polka dot basket.

When May Day rolls around next year, give someone a May basket. Just do it. You’ll spread joy (and possibly better dental hygiene) to the recipient.

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