Walking a Lawnmower (or Two!)

I took my lawnmowers for a walk today. These walks didn’t involve the shortening of grass. I walked my mowers on the sidewalk. Both lawnmowers were well-behaved, and I didn’t even have to use the baggies I brought along to collect any grass clumps.

I walked my gasoline lawnmower to Beaver Mower. It’s true. (Really, how many people can say they’ve done that?!) I can cross that task off my bucket list. The nice people at Beaver Mower will repair its little gas engine so it can be all goat-like and mow my yard.

I crossed a couple busy intersections on my way to Beaver Mower. I got a few inquisitive looks from drivers. Perhaps the average homeowner doesn’t push a broken lawnmower to the repair shop.

Perhaps I’m not the average homeowner. I’m above average. Or below par, if you’d like to use golf terms.

After I walked my gas mower to Beaver Mower, I walked my electric mower to the electric mower store. Alas, the prognosis wasn’t good. It likely won’t be returning to my garage. I said my goodbyes in the store. It was a good mower.

It’s now official — 2012 is the year of broken stuff at my house. I’ve already replaced a refrigerator, a stove, and an electrical outlet. I was fairly sure my luck would turn around quickly, so I purchased several lottery tickets in the recent multi-multi-multi-million dolla lottery.

The “winnings” were approximately $7. The winning were divided among several of my co-workers. I anticipate my share to be less than $1.

Don’t kid yourself — I was VERY excited to be able to say I won money in the multi-multi-multi-million dolla lottery.

But, it turns out lawnmowers cost slightly more than $1.

Why, oh why, can’t my lawn take after its owner and just remain naturally short?


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One Response to Walking a Lawnmower (or Two!)

  1. Meredith says:

    So sorry to hear Mr. Electric Lawnmower is irreparable. 😦 Also, I really wish I had a picture of you pushing the lawnmowers across the intersection. You’re impressive, Laura Jontz.

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