Scenes from Chicago

Fun times were had during my recent Chi-town extravaganza. It’s a fun city. Here are some reasons why:

1. Sprinkles Cupcakes – it’s the original cupcake store! And it was only a couple blocks from my hotel. These cakes are the real deal — I highly recommend the banana dark chocolate and the strawberry. The red velvet, orange, cinnamon sugar, peanut butter chip, and brown sugar praline were also exceptional. It’s true — I sampled them all. There are very few Sprinkles locations. When one is a mere two blocks away from a Sprinkles, one should consume as many cupcakes as possible.

2. The ‘L’ Train and Buses! [note our “train faces”] Personally, I think the ‘L’ stands for Laura. It’s my train system. I shouldn’t admit this, but I really thought the train system was called the ‘L’ Train because it’s (kind of) in the shape of an L. John informed me the ‘L’ stands for ‘elevated.’ Wikipedia agrees with him.

Public transportation is just fun. You get to people watch and travel at the same time. And you can sing “The Wheels on the Bus” while riding a bus! Oh, we sang. With gusto. Unfortunately, the other bus passengers didn’t seem to appreciate the public service we provided. Their loss.

This is Howard. He was dancing in all sorts of fun ways at a train stop.

3. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry! I learned a lot about science. And a little about industry.

There was an exhibit called “YOU!” — shockingly, it was all about me. I learned about my eyes and hairs and brainwaves. I also set the goal of eating more vegetables.

Of course, this goal might result in time in this chair:

It’s the “Flatus Ignition Seat” used by the Mythbusters to contain and analyze flatulence. Fascinating.

I even got to pull a tablecloth out from under dishes at the Mythbusters exhibit! It CAN be done! Seriously — grab a tablecloth and dishes and be confident that science is on your side.

I crossed two items off my bucket list by:  1. operating a human hamster wheel, and 2. riding a Segway!

And…we wrapped things up at the museum by getting close and personal with fake cows. The result = fake milk.

Moo. From me to you.

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One Response to Scenes from Chicago

  1. Meredith says:

    Yay for cupcakes! And the Museum of Science & Industry! I haven’t been in a few years….they’ve added some things. (Not the fake cow though…he was there. Moo.)

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