My Favorite Things March: Gino’s East Pizza

I’m back.

I took a bit of a vacation. I like to refer to it as “Laura’s Midwest Spring Break Tour ’12.” It was almost t-shirt worthy. Almost.

The majority of my Spring Break Tour was spent in Chicago. The bad news is I didn’t meet Oprah. The good news is I did see the “all-suite Omni Hotel, located in the heart of Chicago’s magnificent mile.” Guests of the Oprah Winfrey Show stayed at the all-suite Omni Hotel! And my recognition of the hotel shows my genuine admiration for all things Oprah.

Since I didn’t meet Oprah, my vacation highlights involved food.

When in Rome, you eat pizza. When in Chicago, you also eat pizza — specifically, Gino’s East pizza. This pizza is so good it’s been featured on Man v. Food and my beloved Food Network.

I told John we needed to eat at Gino’s East because it just seemed like the thing to do. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of my love affair with Gino’s deep dish pizza. I think it brought new meaning to my life. Just thinking about the crust and the cheese on the pies makes me want to drool a little on my keyboard.

Pre-pizza smiles!

And — in addition to freakishly great pizza — pizza patrons can get their graffiti on while waiting for the oh-so-delightful food!

I found my name on the wall. This means I didn’t have to graffiti it myself — some other super-cool Laura already did the work for me! How thoughtful of her. Or him.

In the interest of full disclosure, John and I visited Gino’s twice. Two nights in a row.

When you find a pizza this good, you don’t mess around. You just eat.

During Gino’s Trip #1, we opted for a medium spinach and cheese pizza. Our waiter assured us that we’d have leftovers. To quote the waiter:  “it’s a lot of food.”

Oh, it may be a lot of food. But, I’m kind of a champ when it comes to eating. This means there were no leftovers when the waiter came back to our table. He looked at me and asked whether she [aka:  the dwarf at the table] ate half the pizza. I assured him I did. Just because John’s over a foot taller than I am doesn’t mean he can out-pizza me.

During Gino’s Trip #2, we opted for a large four-cheese pizza. And we brought graffiti tools. It was the perfect fine dining experience — white out, a black Sharpie, and enough cheese to prevent any #2s for days.

The artist hard at work.

It’s a haiku. A pizza haiku. Classy.

Here we are with our haiku masterpiece (located on John’s right).

Seriously. Drive to Chicago and get this pizza. It will bring joy to your stomach and may inspire you to write a pizza haiku.

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6 Responses to My Favorite Things March: Gino’s East Pizza

  1. Angela says:

    Yum! I want to go to there. Love the last pic of you and John – very cute!

  2. bloglette says:

    It’s on the right if you’re looking AT John:) That’s what I meant.

  3. Meredith says:

    I can think of little better in life than a pizza haiku.

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