A Post for Carolyn and Angie!

[Note:  some people use blogs as a way to showcase talents — I apparently use mine to showcase horrific photography. If anyone wants to do a slide show of bad photos of me, I’ve provided oh-so-much fodder. I really do wear dress clothes and comb my hair. Sometimes.]

Carolyn and Angie are my spring break vacation buddies. Over the past few years we’ve camped in Arkansas, lived it up in Hawaii, and explored Hotlanta.

My buddies are vacationing without me this year. Angie went to visit Carolyn in El Salvador. I’ll take a trip to El Salvador later this year…but, alas, we aren’t together this spring break.

I’m sure they miss me terribly. I know I miss them.

In a sad attempt to remedy the situation, I’ve supplied Pseudo Laura. Pseudo Laura is ready for almost any occasion, so it’ll be like I’m on vacation with them. Let me introduce you to the many faces of Pseudo Laura:

This is “Pleasantly Surprised Pseudo Laura” — phrases said by Pleasantly Surprised Pseudo Laura might be, “This restaurant serves Brussels sprouts?! I’m pleasantly surprised!” or “This vacation scenery is suddenly very beautiful! I’m pleasantly surprised!”

This is Eating Pseudo Laura. She doesn’t really say much because she’s eating. But Eating Pseudo Laura loves vacations!

This is Sneaky Pseudo Laura. She thinks she’s sneakier than she really is. Sneaky Pseudo Laura might say things like, “Hi, guys! You didn’t think I was around — but I am! Want to go find fun food? Want to go lay in the sun like cats?”

This is Running Pseudo Laura. She likes to run. Preferably outdoors and not in her living room. This is because it takes about 2.5 million living room laps to equal one mile. Running Laura would loveEl Salvador because it’s warm and her hands and feet wouldn’t get cold.

This is Perplexed Pseudo Laura. Perplexed Pseudo Laura would appear when Angie and Carolyn start talking about teacher stuff. Perplexed Pseudo Laura doesn’t understand teacher stuff. Perplexed Pseudo Laura also likes to appear when Carolyn examines her forehead wrinkle lines. (Note:  they are good forehead wrinkle lines.)

And — by far the most important! — Laughing Pseudo Laura! She loves vacationing with Angie and Carolyn. Sometimes she makes herself laugh by repeating the same bad joke. Over. And over. And over. (Because it’s still funny!)

Pseudo Laughing Laura is so important that she requires two photos. This shows Pseudo Laughing Laura slapping her knee mid-laugh.

So, Carolyn and Angie — please take the many faces of Pseudo Laura along as you travel the land of El Salvador. (But please put a little sunscreen on her if she’s out in the sun. Pseudo Laura might burn.)

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4 Responses to A Post for Carolyn and Angie!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Awwww…we LOVE Pseudo Laura and wish that Real Laura was here to have fun also!! Where’s the Pseudo Laura on roadside toilets?! We missed her! 🙂 Yay for the mid-knee slap!!! Love you!

  2. bloglette says:

    Pseudo Laura never has to use the toilet. Just one of the benefits of being pseudo. Pseudo Laura does, however, enjoy potty humor.

  3. Meredith says:

    Oh. My. God. Real Meredith may have cracked up at this. I love Pseudo Laura. (And Real Laura, of course).

  4. D Ann Jontz says:

    Pseudo Mom likes vacations too. Maybe Pseudo Mom and Pseudo Laura can go on a pseudo vacation together.

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