My Dad Had a Birthday!

I love birthdays! And I love my dad. So, we birthday’d together this weekend. I baked him birthday rye bread (that actually rose and tasted like bread!) and a carrot cake. Because dads like bread and carrots.

Mom and I found old birthday candles in a drawer — the leftover letters from “Happy Birthday Doris” spelled out on my grandma’s 90th birthday cake. There was “b,” “o,” “k,” and “e,” so we decided to light “ok” on Dad’s cake.

Unfortunately, the top of the “o” burned out before the cake got to Dad. By the time it arrived at the table, it said “uk.” Oops.

His best gift:  a musical card with a cat meowing “Happy Birthday.” It’s lovely.

Happy birthday, Dad! [translation:  meow, meow….meeeow!]  You taught me almost all the good stuff that I know. You also taught me that I don’t know anything about electrical work, and I probably shouldn’t do DIY electrical projects. Therefore, you probably saved my life.

Thanks for saving me from the perils of electrical shock. I hope my much smaller shoes can follow your bigger shoes around for a long time.

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2 Responses to My Dad Had a Birthday!

  1. Meredith says:

    You also could have gone with “Kobe” for your Dad’s cake…I’m sure Kobe Bryant would have let you borrow his name. Of course, there’s also “Beko”. Not sure what that would be, but it’s fun to say.

    Happy Birthday to your dad!

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