How Many Refrigerators Are Running?

Only one. Don’t kid yourself.

It’s just that I had a bit of a fridge parade last weekend. And I really got to know the delivery guys.

Here’s the condensed version of my fridge drama:

Fridge #1:  Died during a stove repair. Yes. A stove repair. This sort of thing only happens at my house.

Fridge #2: Arrived at my house in a delivery truck. Fridge #2 didn’t even make it in the door because the part needed to switch the door from the left side to the right side was broken.

Fridge #3:  Made it inside the house! [clap! clap!] HOWEVER, the freezer door didn’t seal properly and the fan sounded loud. And angry. Clearly the fridge couldn’t stay. I didn’t even put magnets on it.

Fridge #3 made me angry. I swore at it. It probably swore back, but I couldn’t hear its unkind words over its extremely loud fan.

Fridge #4:  The delivery people came back to my house…for the THIRD time in four days. They delivered this new friend:

And it stuck around long enough to get magnet-ed! Yes! Fridge #4 has been in my kitchen for almost one week, and it’s still working.

The best news:  I didn’t food poison myself (or Meredith) with my questionable refrigeration practices while I was “in between” fridges. Dairy isn’t as finicky as some may lead you to believe.

I also disposed of my dying bamboo.

The kitchen feng shui is already improving…maybe.


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One Response to How Many Refrigerators Are Running?

  1. Meredith says:

    Hooray for fridges! And for not getting food poisoning. Clearly, refrigerating dairy is just a suggestion.

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