Is My Refrigerator Running?

Ilovecalling people (mostly my grandmas) and asking them if their refrigerators are running. They say “yes,” and I laugh hysterically and say, “then you’d better go and catch it!”

I never thought that joke would get old. It’s hysterical. And sophisticated.

However, that joke got old on Friday. Why?

Because my @$%@ fridge stopped running. So I’ve had nothing to catch for the last 48 hours. I’ve resorted to chasing cars with the neighbor’s dog. (A stove repairman came to my house on Friday and declared the oven A-OK and the fridge A-NOT OK — something about an electrical short and 60 volts.)

I realize that appliances have limited lifespans — but I just purchased a new refrigerator in October 2010. I was apparently rather optimistic about this particular fridge because I didn’t purchase the warranty.

I knew my luck was going to take a little dip when I saw this last week:

My lucky bamboo is dying.

The fridge lives very close to the bamboo. Perhaps the fridge death was caused by some sort of feng shui problem.

That is one. Dead. Fridge.

And the new fridge isn’t even exciting. It looks nearly identical to the old one.

Here’s the current fridge:

Nothing says classy like going out to the back step to get milk for your coffee.

But — let’s be positive. There are benefits to purchasing a new fridge every 17 months:

– I don’t have to clean the drawers in the fridge — I just buy a new one!

– I don’t have to clean the top of the fridge — I just get a new one!

– I don’t have any mysterious aging condiments — I know the contents of my fridge (aka:  laundry basket) very well.

– I’ve gotten pretty good at purchasing new refrigerators quickly. I can walk into a big box store and buy a fridge over my lunch hour. Boo-yah.

The new fridge was supposed to arrive yesterday. Unfortunately, the new fridge had extreme issues when the door was flipped from the left side to the right side.

As I type this, the new fridge is (hopefully) in the giant truck parked outside my house.

I may put the dying bamboo in another room.

And, if anyone wants to have a picnic on my back steps, come on over. The milk is cold and the sriracha is spicy.


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3 Responses to Is My Refrigerator Running?

  1. Meredith says:

    At least the ongoing refrigerator woes provide good blog fodder.

    Also, I’m a little concerned about exactly *where* you’re going to move the dying bamboo. We don’t want anymore untimely appliance deaths!

  2. John says:

    or untimely people deaths!

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