EMOF: Day 28

Exciting Moments of February, Day 28

I do everything in my power to avoid fruit and veggie rot in my kitchen. Wilty veggies and wrinkly fruits make me sad.

So, when something starts to turn south in my crisper, I eat that particular fruit/veggie asap. Sure, the overconsumption of fiber may leave me writhing in pain, but at least my grocery dollars won’t go to waste.

Tonight I noticed my broccoli wasn’t a pretty green color. It was veering toward the yellow/brown area of the color wheel.

So, I roasted several bunches of broccoli. And ate them. Immediately after eating Brussels sprouts. (I enjoy a good themed supper. Tonight’s theme was green.)

Unfortunately, something may have died in my oven just before I pre-heated it for the broccoli. I have no idea where the smell came from, but it’s definitely not pretty. It doesn’t smell like broccoli. It smells like stink.

I even called my mom and dad for confirmation that I wasn’t gassing myself to death. Since I have an electric oven, they said this likely wasn’t happening.

If I am overcome by noxious oven fumes, I’ll use this as an opportunity to tell other that I have parsnips in my crisper. They probably need to be eaten asap.

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