EMOF: Day 25

Exciting Moments of February, Day 25

Today was a big day. Some might even call it a February miracle.

Last May, Meredith and I got an invitation to Landon’s graduation. We were honored to get the invite in the mail, but we don’t actually known Landon. Apparently, Landon forgot to update his address book. Perhaps previous residents of my house knew Landon.

I still feel a little guilty for neglecting to buy good ol’ Landon a gift. To lessen my guilt, I stuck the invitation to the fridge. I’ve been staring at Landon for about 9 months, so I feel like I do know him now. I associate him with frozen food. I’m sure Landon likes ice cream.

My friend Jim had a work conference in town, so he booked a room at Casa de Laura. While at Casa de Laura, he saw Landon’s graduation invitation. Then — (this is the exciting part, folks) he noticed that the address for the graduation party was veryclose to the address where he grew up! AND — he thinks he was friends with Landon’s older brother in school!

(Note the $2.99 breast deal that also has a prominent spot on my fridge. I’ll turn that coupon in someday.)

My world has come full circle. And Landon now has an identity beyond frozen food.

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One Response to EMOF: Day 25

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh, Landon…

    That $2.99 breast deal might have an expiration date; you should check it out. 🙂

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