EMOF: Day 24

Exciting Moments of February, Day 24

Little Blue (my trusty bike) rode to work today. Little Blue warms my heart. She’s all little. And blue.

I decided to kick winter’s rump and ride Little Blue to work because my car was already at work. I like to keep my car at work sometimes. Then, it looks like I’m the first one at work and the last one to leave. It’s a little trick I learned fromSeinfeld. George taught me a lot about life.

When I woke up, the weather seemed extraordinarily warm. I even put air in my bike tires without losing circulation in my hands. This meant it was officially warm enough for me — a big ol’ cold weather weenie — to bike to work.

I started biking. And, about two blocks from home, I started getting pelted with little rain drops. I probably should have turned back, but I didn’t. I’m a bit stubborn at times, and I was mucho determined to bike to work.

Cold February rain may be my least favorite type of rain. By the time I made it to work, my hands were numb, and my nose was beyond runny. But I made it! And my hands thawed. And my nose became un-runny. The peasants rejoiced.

My car was already in the office parking lot, so Little Blue didn’t have to take me home. Turns out, Little Blue likes my heated office better than my unheated garage.

“Bike to Work Week” is in May. February is “Leave Your Bike at Work Month.”

It’ll catch on.



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One Response to EMOF: Day 24

  1. Meredith says:

    You are a little crazy. Crazy impressive, but also a little crazy.

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