EMOF: Day 19

Exciting Moments of February, Day 19

I really like Valentine’s Day. So much so that I had “Valentine’s Day, Revisited” today!

Valentine’s Day, Revisited consisted of making treats for my grandmas. (I even got over the fact that Grandma D. skipped a generation and only sent a valentine to her great-granddaughter. Hmph! The kid’s less than a year old — she probably can’t even read the card yet!)

I got over my bitterness and made Grandma D. giant M&M cookies (with red and pink M’s). I sampled. They were tasty. She thought so, too. She really did need cookies today because my parents’ car hit her in the head.* My cookies have healing powers.

Grandma J.lovescake. I hit up the Sunday dinner buffet in Menlo today with the family, and Grandma made a little cake mistake. She meant to get carrot cake but got some sort of spice cake. I remedied the situation by getting her a piece of carrot cake. She gladly accepted. I’m pretty sure she savored both pieces of cake.

Grandma J.’s valentine was a chocolate cherry cake. It’s my mom’s recipe, and Grandma fell in love with the cake years ago. I think her love for chocolate cherry cake rivals my love for Brussels sprouts. She claims the cake gets better each day it ages, and I’m pretty sure she’s never thrown out any chocolate cherry cake. Ever.

I drew a frosting heart on the cake and said it was her belated valentine. She gazed lovingly at the cake, said she looked forward to eating every bite, and then exclaimed, “Laura, with all the cake I’ve been eating I’ll be as fat as a mule!” (Note:  Grandma is not as fat as a mule.)

We discussed the matter and then came to the conclusion that, at 90, you shouldn’t stop eating cake (or cookies). You should just buy bigger pants.

*She cracked her head rather hard on the door of the car as she was getting in the backseat. So the above sentence is only kind of true.

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