EMOF: Day 14!

Exciting Moments of February, Day 14

This was a very exciting moment of February. Why? Because it’s a holiday. A holiday involving pink stuff, love, wine, cards, and chocolate. Now, I’m not really a girly girl — but who doesn’t love those things?!

I wore pink, gave cards to Meredith and John, made special Valentine’s Day phone calls to my grandmas and my parents, drank wine, and ate chocolate. Mission accomplished.

AND — the most exciting thing about my Valentine’s Day — SUSHI! HOMEMADE SUSHI!

John had previous sushi-making experience, so I deemed myself the official sous-shi chef.

And it worked! (Despite the fact that I read “cook the rice on medium heat” instead of “cook the rice on minimum heat” — it still tasted like sticky rice!)

(These sushi rolls were remembering the Alamo. Smart sushi.)

(And this lovely lady plate had green avocado/asparagus sushi rolls that doubled as hair curlers!)

The dinner even involved super cool chopsticks. Mine had monkeys on them. They were helper monkeys because they helped me eat.

John also drew me a Valentine’s Day monkey. And he told me I needed to sit in a chair to see my Valentine’s Day presents. And he put a whoopee cushion on the chair.

Ppphhhhhttttt. [Whoopee translation:  hope you had a warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day!]

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