EMOF: Day 13

Exciting Moments of February, Day 13

I guess not every day can have an extremely exciting moment. Today, tragedy struck — twice.

1) I forgot to put the coffee filter in my coffee pot.

Let’s just say there were a lot of coffee grounds. And I drank it until it became more of a solid than a liquid. I refuse to bust out silverware to drink my morning coffee. A girl’s gotta have standards.

2) My childhood Target is REMODELING!

I’m still pretty distraught about this. I love Target. Especially this one. It’s the Target I was born in — ok, I wasn’t really born in the Target, but my momma taught me the joys of shopping at Target at a very young age.

Other things changed. My parents moved out of my childhood home. Grandma D. moved into an apartment.

All I had left of my childhood was Grandma J.’s house and the Valley West Target. These places still looked the same. They were familiar. Like an old fuzzy blanket or a freshly blanched Brussels sprout. Cozy.

Now, my Target is being torn up and there’s a sign advertising fresh groceries.

I don’t want fresh groceries at my Target. If I want fresh groceries, I’ll go across the street to Hy-Vee. I was fine with packaged snacks.

I knew my way around the old Target. I knew exactly where the stuff I bought was. Now, the groceries are where the electronic used to be, and the electronics are where the toys used to be.

It’s the end of an era.

I think I can adjust.

I just hope Grandma J. doesn’t decide to expand her house to make room for additional home decor and grocery shelves.

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One Response to EMOF: Day 13

  1. Meredith says:

    I feel pretty confident that Grandma J won’t let you down. If it ain’t broke (after 90 years), don’t fix it.

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