Smelly Car

It’s rare, but sometimes I am wrong.

But only sometimes.

I blame my recent cold. You see, it swiped my sense of smell. (Bad cold! Bad, bad cold!) It was a little trickster, because I didn’t really realize I’d been without my sense of smell until it was too late.

John informed me that my car “smelled like poo” on Saturday. I denied this and gave him the cold shoulder. Literally. My shoulders are very cold.

Today, I realized my sense of smell had returned. And I realized my car did, indeed, have a rather unique odor.

This led me to bust out my newly acquired Veronica Mars sleuthing skills and find the source of the offensive odor. This was easier said than done.

However, I think I found it.

It’s my gym bag. Apparently, my running shoes smell so bad they stink up my car when left in there for a few days. That’s embarrassing.

The shoes have been removed from the car.

My cold shoulder has been retracted.

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2 Responses to Smelly Car

  1. Meredith says:

    I believe that your shoulders are literally cold, but I don’t believe that you literally gave one of them to John. I’ve seen you since Saturday—you still have both shoulders.

  2. bloglette says:

    Rephrase: I leaned one of my cold shoulders in his general direction and announced I was giving him the cold shoulder. I do still have both shoulders.

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