Over the River and Through the Woods

To grandmothers’ homes I went!

I love my grandmas. And I had the day off work. So, I drove my little Hyundai to both my grandmas’ houses (well, one house and one assisted living apartment if you want to get technical).

My first mission was taking Grandma D. to the doctor to get an echocardiogram. (Note:  the tech running the echocardiogram machine did not laugh when I said my grandma was ready for her ECHO-ECho-Echo-echo CARDIOGRam-CARdiogram-Gram-gram.)

I entertained Grandma in the waiting room with three finger puppets that happened to be living in my purse. They were a Christmas gift from Meredith. Grandma and I decided the owl said “whoooo…whoooo,” the fish said “splash, splash,” and the fox didn’t say anything. The fox was just cunning.  We were the strange kids in the hospital waiting room. But I secretly think some of the other people wished they had remembered their owl, fish, and fox finger puppets.

Later that afternoon, I went to visit Grandma J. The instant you walk into her house, you are presumed to be starving and in need of immediate nourishment. Nourishment usually comes in the form of cookies, pie, and coffee. This visit was no different. I was strongly encouraged to eat 1-2 dozen gingersnap cookies and drink a pot of coffee.

Grandma J. also likes to send me home with random items from her home. In addition to the loaf of zucchini bread (perhaps the best bread ever because it’s made with grandma love) and cherry pie, Grandma also decided I needed her copy of Dewey:  The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World and a scarf she purchased for herself but deemed too long.

The scarf has reindeer and snowflakes on it, so my first reaction was to politely decline the gift. But the little reindeer kind of grew on me. I decided there aren’t too many people who sport reindeer/snowflake scarves purchased by their 90-year-old grandmas. So, I happily accepted the scarf.

I’m bringin’ Bambi back. With a vengeance. Yee-haw.

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One Response to Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. Meredith says:

    Awww, I love the grandmas! And glad the puppets got some entertainment usage.

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