MLK Day!

I enjoy federal holidays. You get that holiday joy without the holiday stress.

Martin Luther King, Jr. seems like the epitome of a guy who was pro-holiday and anti-stress. I’m a big fan of MLK. I became a bigger fan after visiting the MLK National Historic Site in Hotlanta last spring.

(Angie and I are creating a peaceful picture — the clasped hands totally represent peace.)

I’ve visited quite a few national monuments and historic sites. This is largely because Carolyn got a national parks book and is trying to get stamps from every national park site.

I’ve enjoyed most of these visits. However, none of the national park sites compare to the MLK site in Hotlanta. Even the informational video made me tear up. That guy knew how to give a speech.

MLK was also pretty short. He was a short person who spoke like a tall person. And that is pretty much the best talent ever.

I celebrated my own shortness in honor of MLK. I proudly stood on chairs to reach things, and I felt a little extra guilt about the fact that I lied about my height on my driver’s license.

According to my driver’s license, I’m 5’4″. According to math, I’m 5’1 3/4″. Perhaps I’ll work on talking like a 5’4″ person.

A slightly untruthful driver’s license may have been MLK’s source of motivation as well.


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One Response to MLK Day!

  1. Carolyn says:

    When I flew into Hotlanta on my way back home, I totally talked up the MLK National Historic Site to my airplane seat buddy and recommended he visit! Who doesn’t love a good National Park?! 🙂

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