Thanksgiving Through the Eyes of Turkey

The Christmas season may have “officially” started, but I’d like to give one last shout-out to the bird of the weekend. I invited Turkey to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. I think Turkey had a lovely time. I managed to capture the high points of Turkey’s day.

Turkey befriended Meredith. Just look at those smiles!

Turkey started the day with a little appetizer — Chex Mix. Little beaks = eating one Chex at a time. John was patient; Turkey was thankful.

Turkey made other friends. They talked turkey (I think).

Turkey anxiously waited for the main course to be served. (We kept Turkey out of the kitchen for obvious reasons.)

Turkey started the main course with a light salad.

Operating utensils was extremely difficult with non-opposable wings. Turkey’s new friends helped with forks.

Perhaps they helped a little too much. Food coma.

When Turkey came to, Meredith assisted with a little beak clean-up.

There’s always room for dessert — even after a food coma.

Turkey is small — but that bird loves pumpkin. Food coma revisited.

Grandma bonded with Turkey after dessert.

Another friend swooped in to visit Turkey. This resulted in more turkey talk.

And finally, after a long day of eating, Turkey came back to my house and slept. It’s not easy being Turkey on Turkey Day.

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One Response to Thanksgiving Through the Eyes of Turkey

  1. Meredith says:

    Beak clean-up is a very important operation.

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