When You Give A Laura A Thanksgiving

*To the “tune” of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If you give a Laura a Thanksgiving, she’ll search through all her recipes to find the very best ones.

While searching for the best Thanksgiving recipes, she’ll come across old recipes, and she’ll want to cook those for you, too.

She’ll get in her Hyundai and go to Trader Joe’s. Seeing the friendly employees at Trader Joe’s will make her want to try new recipes and get new foods at Trader Joe’s.

She’ll travel back home and unload her groceries. Shopping for food will make her hungry, so she’ll immediately start chopping and cooking.

While she’s cooking food for her lunch, she’ll start putting groceries in her refrigerator. She’ll notice all her fun, new food and will start making another fun, new recipe.

She’ll eat her lunch and will be full. But, the new recipe will come out of the oven soon after lunch, and she will be reminded of her love of food.

She’ll eat most of that recipe, too. However, she’ll want to share some of this food with you. She’ll call you and ask you to come over with a hungry tummy. You will.

She’ll want to visit with you when you come over to eat food. Conversation reminds her of coffee. She’ll make a pot. You’ll have one cup; she’ll have the other four. You’ll eventually leave.

She’ll realize it’s been several hours since she checked her email. She’ll go to her computer. She’ll stumble across food blogs and will start to read them.

These food blogs will remind her of her mission to cook wonderful food for Thanksgiving. She’ll go back to the kitchen to chop more veggies.

She’ll eventually realize her Thanksgiving dishes will take up room in her refrigerator. More room than she has in her refrigerator.

She’ll look at the large plastic container of spinach in the refrigerator. She’ll realize there would be more room in her fridge if she ate all the spinach.

She’ll cook a squash to go with the spinach. And she’ll finish off the spinach.

She’ll begin cutting up mushrooms for stuffing. She’ll sample a mushroom and will enjoy the sample very much. She’ll realize she purchased more mushrooms than necessary for the recipe. She’ll eat the remaining mushrooms.

She’ll congratulate herself for creating even more room in the refrigerator.

She will be very full. Her full belly will remind her of one thing — dessert.

She will want to make some to share with you. She will probably want to make something with pumpkin, because she likes it so very much.

She’ll make a pumpkin mousse because it sounds like pumpkin moose and that makes her laugh. She’ll whip cream to make the mousse. She’ll want to lick the beaters.

She’ll put the mousse in a bowl. She’ll open the fridge and realize the bowl will not fit.

She’ll realize that if she transfers the mousse to another bowl, she’ll get to eat more mousse.

She transfers the mousse and eats the mousse droppings left on the first bowl. She’ll be filled with pumpkin and happiness.

The feeling of happiness will remind her of her original Thanksgiving goal — to make food that will fill others with happiness. After all, she made her very best recipes.


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2 Responses to When You Give A Laura A Thanksgiving

  1. Meredith says:

    I feel like this could really be a children’s book. You should have Tami do the illustrations. 🙂

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