Answers To All Your Burning Questions

I’ll assume you have questions about my life. I’ll assume I know exactly what these questions are. And I’ll answer them. Here goes…

1. The mysterious creature gnawing gigantic holes in my pumpkin and spewing pumpkin seeds all over my steps was a squirrel. The squirrel has also eaten through a gourd. I saw the little critter mid-buffet. It didn’t even run at first. It just stared back at me with little bits of pumpkin on its little squirrel mouth.

The hungry, hungry squirrel was slow, but I was slower. I couldn’t get a picture. At the rate it was eating, it probably looks a little like that by now.

2. Yes, I DID pull my carrots out of the garden the morning. (Thanks for asking!) It was a giant crop. And, by giant, I mean I could eat my entire crop for a snack. But my carrot crop was kind of pretty.

Yup. That’s the entire crop. I’d chalk it up as a learning experience. Next year’s carrot crop will be larger.

Some were really cute little carrots.

Others were more interesting.


3. Yes, I used my grandma’s Dutch oven for the first time this morning. I made steel cut oats with pumpkin. They were delightful.

I called my grandma’s cell phone after I made the oats. Unfortunately, she was asleep and the phone woke her up. She then attempted to “answer” her remote control. That didn’t work. By the time she found her cell phone, I’d hung up. She managed to press the “missed call” button on her phone, and she called me.

I was very impressed my grandma had figured out she’d missed a call from me and had called me back. However, her return call was actually an accident. I answered, and she said “how did I call you?”

I told her her Dutch oven had been taken out of the cupboard for its inaugural dish. She was pleased I’d used the Dutch oven, but she also reminded me that she doesn’t like pumpkin. Fortunately, I didn’t plan to share the pumpkin oats with her.

4. Yes, I did eat the raisin-like object on my counter. No, it wasn’t a raisin. It was a coffee bean. I love coffee with every ounce of my being, but there are no circumstances in which that pseudo-raisen-that-was-really-a-coffee-bean would be pleasing to the palate.

5. Yes, today I saw THREE cars with HAT as the last three letters on the license plates. I’m very jealous.

There. Questions answered!




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2 Responses to Answers To All Your Burning Questions

  1. Meredith says:

    Thank you for your answers. I feel so informed. (I was actually wondering about the pumpkin-eating-critter, and the other answers are just good life information.)

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