Something Big Has Been Here

I bought a pumpkin a few weeks ago. I attempted to carve it before Halloween. That didn’t happen. Then, I thought it might be cool to carve a Thanksgiving pumpkin. Turns out, that’s not going to happen either.

Something beat me too it.

It started with a little nibbled-out spot. Then it got larger. Now, there are seeds and pumpkin guts all over my steps.

I like to think the creature doing this has some sort of a master plan, and a nice design will emerge in a few more days.

And I hope the creature doing this stays outside. If it could do that to a pumpkin, just THINK of what it could do to ME!


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2 Responses to Something Big Has Been Here

  1. John says:

    Suntn shore layhk punkin.

  2. bloglette says:

    Did the creature eating the pumpkin type that? Is it living at your house?

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