Shoulda Stayed Inside

I was trapped in my house for a short period of time this morning.

The screen door on my porch broke, and the dumb thing wouldn’t open. From the inside or the outside.

I have a back door. However, the back door only locks from the inside. Thus, my fortress would be unprotected if I exited that door and went to work. Someone might kidnap Julius.

I was this close to calling in “trapped” to work. One might think that is the worst excuse ever to get out of work. So not true. I actually used that excuse last year when my garage door wouldn’t open.

I was able to think clearly after consuming an appropriate amount of coffee. Instead of repeatedly kicking the door (aka:  plan A), I got a screwdriver and unscrewed the latch (aka:  plan B).

Go, me! (And go, coffee!)

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