Weekend Stuff and Winterization

I’m forever learning new things about myself. For example, I didn’t take any pictures of John’s birthday celebration. None. I did, however, take a picture of Julius’ migration indoors for the winter. Clearly, I have my priorities straight.

Actually, the lack of birthday pictures is due to the fact that I was far too busy stuffing myself full of yummy food to fish my camera out of my bag. I like to think the birthday celebration corresponded nicely with winter hibernation preparation. The celebration included the following:

– Tom Ka Kai soup from Thai Flavors (the very best Thai restaurant ever — also conveniently located next to a low-cost spay clinic)

– Thai custard from Thai Flavors (note:  the sweeet sticky rice is delicious, but the custard may have looked a teeny bit like pet food)

– My very first homemade carrot cake! Although it looked like a rabbit barfed in my kitchen after I grated the carrots, it was super fun to make! Also — cream cheese frosting is just a good thing. It just is.

– Three words — Bloody. Mary. Bar. Now, I didn’t even think I liked bloody marys before John’s birthday brunch. However, the bloody mary bar at Centro made me realize I do enjoy them. A lot. Especially when the bar includes balsamic mushrooms, pickled asparagus, olives, and horseradish. It was a taste sensation. Something really great needs to happen so I have a reason to celebrate with a second trip to the bloody mary bar.

– Wild mushroom omelet with truffle oil and Asiago cheese. How can you go wrong with that combination? Answer:  you can’t

And, now that the birthday celebration is over, I’ve been forced to acknowledge the fact that winter is almost here. Some sort of nasty sleet stuff is hitting my window right now. I think a winter weather advisory is in effect. Brrr.

Julius is now an indoor orange tree.

I moved him into my bedroom and placed a flamingo and a deer skull by his pot. The flamingo will remind him of summer, and the deer skull will remind him to stay alive over the winter.

I like to think it’s perfectly normal to have a deer skull hangin’ around the house. I promise I didn’t do anything that resulted in the demise of this particular deer. I’m sure the deer lived a lovely life and died of natural causes in a lovely green meadow — a lovely green meadow filled with orange trees.

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