What’s Tall And Short And Green All Over?

The Jolly Green Giant and Sprout! (Duh!)

Quite possibly my favorite Halloween costume ever! Turns out, being a near-midget and loving green veggies can come in handy.

I have to give John mad costume construction props. He made a stencil and spray painted veins on each little leaf. He also made my Sprout hat, which would probably make the real Sprout green with envy.

The green face paint was super fun to apply but less fun to remove. I definitely Q-tipped green paint out of my ear this morning. And I wore the costume on Saturday night.

(Note the green ears. They may still be green.)

I’m seriously thinking of dressing up like Sprout for Thanksgiving. It makes total sense. Thanksgiving is all about food — and, well, so is Sprout. Plus, I really want to wear my hat again. Who wouldn’t?!

In other news, in about one hour I will have officially conquered the No Heat ‘Til November challenge. I purchased a new furnace filter to celebrate. Because nothing says “let’s celebrate!” quite like a 3M furnace filter.


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