My Blankies

It’s October 26, and I’m still holding strong to my “No Heat ‘Til November” policy. Luckily, the weather has cooperated. I’m forever grateful.

I’m also grateful for my warm bed.

My heated mattress pad isn’t the only thing warming my short little self. I also have the best quilts ever.

They’re the best quilts ever because they were made by my great-grandma. I think she probably made them before heat was invented. She did an excellent job. These big ol’ quilts are girthy!

I never met my great-grandma, but I truly believe she knows her mad quilting skills are keeping me nice and toasty.

I like to think everyone desires to leave his/her mark on the world. I know I want to leave the world a little better than I found it. (I regularly pick up litter on the street, so I like to think cleaning the world should count for something.)

My great-grandma most definitely left good stuff behind. She’s been gone for 30+ years, but quilts she probably didn’t even think were that special are her great-granddaughter’s prized possessions.

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