It Ain’t Easy Being Orange

Oh, fall.

I like you for two main reasons:  (1) you’re not winter, and (2) you have lovely food.

However, most of your food is orange. Namely, squash and pumpkins. When those items are incorporated into my already carrot-heavy meal plan, people get concerned.

I think moms are supposed to remind their kids to eat plenty of veggies. Mine practically begged me to stop eating so many orange foods (“Laura, eating that much of one food can’t be good for you!”). This was after she discovered I’d eaten my 10-can stockpile of Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin in about a week.

I don’t regret that decision. It was tasty.

So far, I haven’t noticed any difference in my coloring.

I think I may be chameleon-esque. I turn orange in the fall — and white/blue in the winter.

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