It Was the Best of Food; It Was the Worst of Food

I conquered a cooking/construction project this weekend — I constructed a lasagna. A butternut squash lasagna! With squash, thyme, and basil from my garden!

I had fun constructing the little lasagna. It was kind of like Jenga with foodstuffs. And it was tastier than Jenga bricks.

As the lasagna was baking, I noticed a science project “growing” on John’s counter.

Apparently, this container once contained some sort of cookie bars. Now, it contains at least four different types of mold:  1. gold fuzzy mold; 2. white fluffy mold; 3. white not-so-fluffy mold; and 4. dark clustery mold.

Don’t worry — this wasn’t part of the meal. It was just pre-meal entertainment.

This morning, I determined I am in dire need of a generator. I’m not looking for a generator to power my furnace or freezer. No — I need a generator to power my coffee pot and coffee grinder.

My neighborhood experienced a little power outage this morning — BEFORE I had properly caffeinated myself.

To make a sad story even sadder, I had organic Guatemalan coffee beans from Guatemala. Carolyn sent me the best El Salvadoran/Guatemalan care package on Saturday. Here are my little coffee bean friends:

I was unable to grind these little beanies without electricity. It was a sad morning.

I did enjoy a most wonderful cup o’ Guatemalan joe this evening. And it was fabulous.

But, just to make sure tragedy doesn’t strike twice, I should probably get a coffee generator.


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One Response to It Was the Best of Food; It Was the Worst of Food

  1. Carolyn says:

    Yay! I’m glad that it was able to be ground…AND…that it was yummy! That lasagna looks amazing! Well done…Jenga-style!

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