A New Home For Julius

Julius is my orange tree. Carolyn gave him to me for Christmas last year. Stacey named him, so I declared her Julius’ godmother. She accepted the position.

Julius lived indoors last winter and seemed to develop seasonal affective disorder before spring had sprung. He was droopy and lost almost all his leaves. I was quite worried, but Carolyn assured me this happened with indoor orange trees. I believed her. After all, she’s a chemistry teacher. And I’m pretty sure horticulture and chemistry are almost the same thing. Almost.

Julius moved to his summer home (aka:  my front porch) in May. He loved his new home — he grew and leafed and grew and leafed!

Now, it’s time for Julius to move back indoors. I had a long conversation with him about this (I only wish I was kidding). As a consolation prize for agreeing to move indoors, I purchased a new home for him. His summer growth spurt necessitated a larger pot.

Here’s the old pot:

(Yes, the picture is kind of crooked. But, in my defense, my porch is kind of crooked.)

New pot!

The new pot is much roomier than the old pot. I think he’ll be quite happy. I’ll do whatever I can to create a tropical environment in my living room.

Except turn on the heat. (No heat ’til November is still going strong — and I’m oh-so-thankful for my heated matress pad.)



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