Coffee Party > Tea Party

I’m fairly loyal to a political party, but I’m currently reconsidering my loyalties.

I wound up at a political fundraiser this weekend. It seemed like a good thing because:

1. I drank the best hot chocolate EVER — hello, heavy cream and Ghirardelli chocolate.

2. I scored what appeared to be a lovely travel mug.

Coffee is my source of fuel. I like to think of it as “Laura Go Juice.” I also like to travel with my coffee. Therefore, travel mugs are a good thing in my world. I like ’em.

However, looks can be deceiving. I don’t ask for much — I only ask for mugs that don’t leak and keep my coffee reasonably warm.

My new mug does not satisfy any of the above criteria. It’s leaked cold coffee on me and my desk.

I thought I was passionate about political issues. Turns out, I’m even more passionate about warm coffee.

I’m changing my political affiliation. In 2012, I’m voting a straight ticket for the coffee party.

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One Response to Coffee Party > Tea Party

  1. Meredith says:

    Booooooo! Sorry the new travel mug did not serve its purpose in life. Off with its head! (Or something).

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